About Us

The digital coupon marketing company

CouponUploader is software as a service (SaaS) company dedicated to just one thing: delivering online coupons created by merchants to as many coupon sites as possible. Our subscription-based technology allows for just a simple, one-click submission process to reach these valuable sites.

Hands waving hello from Couponuploader!CouponUploader was founded as a result of the difficulty encountered when trying to market online coupons to coupon sharing sites for maximum ROI on a promotional campaign. Each coupon site had its own way of doing things. Some were straightforward while some took a few extra clicks to understand. Others required signing up or an approval process. The research and tedious manual submission took a lot of time, as we found ourselves visiting each site one by one only to enter the same information again and again.

Our solution that takes all of that time-consuming work out of the equation and automates the process through a simple, straightforward interface, letting business owners submit details once and get back to running their business.